Foods To Eat When Pregnant That Will Help To Boost Your Energy.

Published: 05th March 2010
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Do you often feel exhausted now that you are pregnant? Fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy are common during pregnancy, specifically during your first and third trimester. During the first trimester, your body is still adjusting along with new hormones that affect your energy level and when you reach your third trimester, your bulging belly and bigger baby inside your womb consumes most of your energy. But you don't need to worry as there are many remedies to fight fatigue and lack of energy during pregnancy. Aside from low-impact exercise, rest and water, there are many foods to eat when pregnant that can help in boosting your energy.

With healthy eating, you can improve your energy without reaching for sweets that can temporarily give you a rush or grabbing a cup of coffee which can harm your baby. Rather, you must choose foods that don't just give you energy but also contain good nutrients needed for your pregnant body and for your growing baby. So, here are some healthy energy giving foods that you can eat while pregnant.

Never cut carbohydrates in your pregnancy diet as this food groups primary role is to provide energy. Most pregnant women stay away from all carbohydrates, even the good ones fearing that they will gain too much weight. For healthier options, go for complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal and those with whole wheat. These good carbohydrates also contain fiber that can prevent constipation which affects many pregnant women as well as other minerals and vitamins.

Foods that contain Vitamin C and beta carotene help in enhancing your energy and can be found in carrots and broccoli while those with anti-oxidants like blueberries help in stimulating the brain, giving you full energy to face your busy day. Vitamin C which can be found in many fruits also helps in fighting nausea which can also drain your energy while pregnant. On the other hand, foods with Vitamin B6 have been proven to produce a substance known as serotonin which has a calming effect on a pregnant woman, making you more relaxed. To get enough supply of Vitamin B6-rich foods, eat chicken, sweet potato and bananas.

Lastly, it is important to take small meals and healthy snacks to get you going. Good foods to eat when pregnant as snacks that give you more energy include dried fruits and whole grain nuts. If you want fruit, choose fresh produce rather than canned or processed which only contain sugars.

Nutrition and healthy eating is very important for any pregnant woman. With healthy eating and knowing the right foods to eat when pregnant, you can control some mild health conditions during pregnancy like fatigue. Supplement these foods with rest, relaxation and enough liquid intake and you will be full of energy throughout your pregnancy.


For the health of your unborn child you need the facts about foods to eat when pregnant.

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