Foods to Eat When Pregnant To Avoid Unnecessary Weight Gain.

Published: 15th March 2010
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Gaining weight is very natural during pregnancy and losing weight during this time is highly discouraged. The growing baby, larger uterus and breasts, more blood supply and the placenta contribute to a pregnant womans weight gain. But this doesn't mean that a pregnant woman can gain any weight she wants and expect to lose it completely after delivery. On the contrary, there is a required weight gain during pregnancy that ensures a healthy baby and pregnancy in general. Too much weight gain can put a pregnant woman at risk so eating healthy should be observed. This article will identify the foods to eat when pregnant that can prevent too much weight gain.

The most important foods to eat when pregnant are those foods that are rich in nutrients and beneficial for the babys growth inside the womb. A pregnant woman must consume an extra 100-300 calories a day depending on the trimester she is currently into to provide adequate nutrients for herself and her baby. The moment a woman knows that she is expecting, she should start eating smart. She should start by cutting out junk, fried and processed foods that are high in fat and sugar from her diet. The best meals that a pregnant woman should have are those home-cooked meals preferably baked, grilled and broiled instead of fried. For specific food groups, a pregnant woman should have the right amount of complex carbohydrates, calcium and protein as well as some minerals and vitamins.

Many pregnant women skip carbohydrates fearing that they can contribute to weight gain but carbohydrates are very important. To solve this problem, pregnant women must choose the complex carbohydrates to avoid gaining too much weight. These complex carbohydrates can be found in foods made from whole-grain like whole wheat bread, whole-grain pasta and brown rice.

For sweet cravings, do not grab a cake or cookie whenever you feel the urge, especially during snack time. Instead, have fresh fruits, dried fruits, yoghurt or cheese on crackers. Pregnant women can also snack on peanut butter spread on toast, crackers, celery, banana and apples. Excess sugar will not only make a pregnant woman put on more weight but also puts a pregnant woman at risk of gestational diabetes.

Calcium is also one of the foods to eat when pregnant therefore, a pregnant woman should have milk and other diary products. To minimize gaining too much weight, pregnant women should have skimmed milk or low-fat milk and yoghurt. When it comes to drinks, caffeine loaded drinks like iced tea, coffee and soda should be avoided. Water is the best drink to have, or low-sugar or natural fruit juices.

To sum it all up, a pregnant woman should not deprive herself and her baby just to avoid gaining too much weight. Feel free to spoil yourself with ice cream or a cheeseburger but in moderation and occasionally. An expecting woman should feel free to eat for two but should never go overboard and over-indulge. Just remember to choose healthy foods to eat when pregnant and weight gain during pregnancy can be controlled.


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